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If you are considering psychotherapy, then you may be interested in learning more about psychotherapy and how I work. 
Psychotherapy is about discussing together any concerns that you have, in a way that  helps you make sense of things and understand yourself better. It offers a quiet and confidential space, where you can talk openly about what bothers you and find meaning amid chaos and confusion.
Any problems that you present in therapy will not be seen as sicknesses to be cured, nor will any of your behaviours be labelled as deviant or placed in categories.  Therefore, you will not be expected to adopt a particular way of living, or to see life according to anyone’s theory about it. 
In my work from the existential perspective, I recognise the importance of your personal views and beliefs.  The meaning of these beliefs for each individual is fully acknowledged and explored.  We will focus on your thoughts, feelings and the way you experience what happens in your life, and what it means to you.
With increasing self-understanding, you gain strength and confidence to cope better, as you make new, healthier choices about what matters to you, and move forward as you wish.
What happens in sessions?
In sessions you will have the chance to talk about the things that bother you without fearing that it will be seen as evidence of some major failing on your part. 
We will explore all aspects of your current problem, its roots and origins, with an aim of helping you gain clarity and insight, and finding more healthy and satisfying ways of tackling it.
You will be encouraged to express your emotions, sensations, thoughts, memories, expectations, fears and hopes, in order to get a clear picture of your way of being in the world and find a way of understanding and organizing your life. If you are finding this difficult to do, that, in itself, will tell us something about you that we need to look at and understand together. 
We shall look together at the ways in which you interact with other people and events in your life and try to understand the dynamic. 
You will be encouraged to reflect on the effects and consequences of your actions and your own possible contribution into the existing situation. 
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